Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Porsche Taycan Turbo S For Sale – What To Expect Porsche Taycan?

Porsche Taycan Turbo S is a compact sports car that is equipped with powerful engine and a high level of driving performance. It is considered to be one of the fastest cars in the market. If you are planning to purchase a car and are looking for an affordable model, this one should be at the top of your list.


If you are a fan of high-performance, four-door vehicles, you are probably familiar with Porsche Taycan. This car has a unique aerodynamic design, including a thin nose and arched fenders. It also features a two-speed transmission on the rear axle, which results in a huge 0-62 mph time and improved efficiency when cruising. Check out the latest used car inventory of Porsche Taycan Turbo S

A new, innovative user interface has recently made its debut in the Taycan. The dashboard is home to an 10.9-inch infotainment screen that controls connectivity and cabin settings. Other features include an optional passenger display, a voice control function, and an integrated glass band.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S Overview

Another new feature is the freestanding, curved instrument cluster. Although the cluster’s primary purpose is to display key information, it also helps to focus the driver’s attention on the driving axis.

As the first all-electric vehicle on the market, the Taycan boasts a number of advanced technologies. These include a regenerative braking system that keeps the car’s wheels from spinning even after ABS is applied. Also, there is an adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology.

Key Features

The Porsche Taycan is an all-new electric sports car. It combines a highly optimized electric powertrain with a minimalistic design to produce a vehicle that is both stylish and enjoyable to drive. This four-door sports sedan has a 0-60 mph time of just 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 161 mph.

Inside the Taycan is a fully digital curved display, featuring a new user interface. There are also advanced connectivity features to help monitor performance and efficiency. One of the primary locations for information and media in the car is the Porsche Connect center. With its centralized hub, drivers can get real-time news, read aloud content and receive voice commands.

The interior of the Taycan is made of recycled materials. Porsche’s goal is to create an electric sports car that is sustainable. For example, the interior features Race-Tex, a material that is made from recycled polyester fibers.

The Taycan features a two-speed transmission on the rear axle. Having the two-speed transmission improves the vehicle’s efficiency while cruising. In addition, the gear ratio allows the vehicle to accelerate quickly even at very high speeds.

design And Performance

Porsche’s new electric Taycan is a powerful and impressive performance vehicle. The sleek and curvaceous design of the car blends modern technology with old-school Porsche style.

The car is powered by a pair of electric motors which are located in the front and rear of the car. Each motor has a two-speed gearbox, providing excellent acceleration and efficiency.

Taycan’s batteries are mounted low in the chassis to provide extra torsional stiffness. The batteries are arranged in 33 modules, with a combined storage capacity of 93.4 kWh.

One of the Taycan’s main features is the Plug & Charge function. This enables you to quickly charge the battery by simply plugging in a cable. Once the cable is plugged in, the car’s electrical system will automatically start. You can then pay for a charge using the built-in credit card reader.

The car is equipped with a suite of cutting-edge connectivity features that help you monitor and control your charging and performance. These include a second touchscreen, which can be used to navigate top-level screens or control climate systems.

Exterior and Interior

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is the flagship model of the new Porsche Taycan series. It offers a 750-hp powertrain, a high-tech infotainment system, and a low center of gravity for greater handling on curves.

Inside the Taycan, you’ll find a futuristic design with a wide range of innovative features. From an infotainment system to Bluetooth connectivity, Porsche Taycan models come equipped with the latest technology to help you navigate the highways of the future.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S Exterior and Interior

Porsche’s infotainment system is designed for a smooth, user-friendly experience. Using a touchscreen, you can access media, navigation, and other features. You can even choose your own interior color schemes.

Another innovative feature is the Taycan’s “foot garages,” which create additional storage space inside the car. This is especially helpful for rear passengers.

Other features include a surround-view parking camera system, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. These all come standard, but you can also opt for other driver assistance features like traffic sign recognition and night vision detection.

On the outside, the Porsche Taycan is a sleek, wagon-like shape. LED headlights and a panoramic roof are just two of the unique elements.

Engine and Transmission

If you’re in the market for a Porsche, you’re probably expecting great driving dynamics, and the engine and transmission of the Porsche Taycan are no exception. The Taycan is a 2.5-ton sedan that can reach 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and has a top speed of 162 mph.

It features a permanent synchronous motor, or PSM, on the rear axle. The rear motor produces 550Nm of torque. This is more than enough power to propel the car from a standing start.

The transmission uses a two-speed design, based on three shafts. The first gear runs for a long time, allowing the driver to accelerate to high speeds.

At 62 mph, the rear motor moves into a more economical second gear. The second gear then stretches forward to the differential, where the torque from the rear motor is transmitted to the front wheels.

Regenerative braking happens mostly up front. A 600A power inverter box is located above the passenger side of the diff.

When the front motor and rear motor are regenerating, the inverters act in reverse. This helps to maintain battery charge.

Dimensions & Capacity

The Porsche Taycan will be available in three body styles. They are the four-door sedan, the four-seater coupe and the five-seater crossover.

The sedan will come with one speed. It has four-wheel drive. It has a low-slung driving position, similar to that of the Porsche 911.

The Taycan will come with regeneration brakes. Regenerative brakes help control recuperation. Brake pads need to be replaced every six years.

The battery has a capacity of 396 cells. It is also equipped with 33 modules. With an AC level 1 charge, it can reach a full charge in 11 hours. A DC fast charger can get it to 270 kWh.

In the rear, there is 400 litres of storage. The trunk can be opened through a lower touchscreen.

Inside, the Taycan features Porsche’s first fully digital instrumentation. Up to four displays can be operated through the touchpad in the center console. You can also use the screen for navigation details and air conditioning.

The front seats have 14-way adjustment. These bucket seats are inspired by racing seats.

Tips to buy

If you’re thinking of buying a Porsche Taycan, the Turbo S, you need to know what you’re getting. It’s a high-performance electric car, and it’s not an inexpensive ride. But it has all the technology and features you could want in a sports car, plus the speed to make it a formidable challenger to the Tesla Model S.

The Taycan is built with a low centre of gravity, which gives it a good balance of speed and handling. Porsche’s chassis tuning includes torque vectoring, active handling and rear-axle steering. All of this results in a nimble, fun-to-drive vehicle.

Despite its hefty curb weight, the Taycan has an exceptionally comfortable ride. The steering is direct, the brakes powerful, and the tires grip well. In addition, the interior is beautifully crafted, with contrast stitching, a high-tech spaceship cockpit and a storage tray.

The Turbo S is a four-door sedan that has plenty of passenger and cargo space. It also offers the fastest 0-62 mph time of any production car. And, unlike the Jaguar I-Pace, the Taycan has a 200-mile range.

Conclusion- Porsche Taycan Turbo S

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is the first all-electric Porsche. It’s also the first truly sporty electric car. However, the new car is not without its flaws.

First off, it’s expensive. A base variant costs about $55,000. That’s not a bargain if you’re looking to buy a high performance car.

Also, the base model’s power output isn’t all that impressive. The top variant, the Turbo S, has 750 horsepower. This makes it about the same as the 919 Hybrid MK II racer.

On the other hand, the Taycan’s top speed is a bit slower, capped at 200 miles. To compensate, the vehicle has a range of just over 450 miles.

The Taycan also boasts an 8.4-inch touchscreen that provides climate controls and a touchpad. It also includes a’smart’ mode that allows you to use the display as an informational screen when you don’t have your hands on the wheel.

As for the Taycan’s other features, the most notable is the all-wheel-drive system. It uses a two-speed transmission in the rear to achieve more efficient electricity consumption on the highway.

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